Wear high-quality sunglasses – not only to be cool but for good eye health

Stylish sunglasses always look cool. They add eye-catching sparkle to every summer outfit. Sunglasses are a must-have, especially when you live in a sunny place. People usually buy them to enhance their style. So, they wear it when it fits them, instead of wearing them all the time outside. Consequently, they care about the look but forget about importance when it comes to maintaining good eye health. 

Sunglasses prevent vision loss

Firstly, sunglasses protect your eyes and its photoreceptors from UV damage; thus, they prevent vision loss. UV rays may accelerate the progression of future medical conditions such as cataracts – knows as the clouding of the lens. Hence, sunglasses are not only stylish but also great for your eye care. 

Polarized lenses are a must-have for drivers

Next, when it comes to perfect sunglasses, remember to choose comfortable to wear and polarized one! It is important to see well while driving and especially driving in the beaming sun of Abu Dhabi. Polarized lenses reduce glare that is caused by light reflecting off of a flat or smooth surface. Therefore polarized sunglasses are especially helpful for drivers to avoid problems with the light off of the shiny hood of a car.

If you are addicted to wearing sunglasses or you lose them often, buy two pairs. Thus, you can always keep one at home and one extra in your workplace or a car. 

Always take care of your eyes – it is worth the sunglasses tan, trust us.

Our favourite models

Check our top-selling HD Polarized sunglasses models from Sixkros below. 

Sixkros HD Polarized Sunglass V3088 that cost AED 125.00 are a great example. Firstly, they are classic aviator sunglasses. Therefore, they are stylish, and they fit every outfit from informal to formal. Secondly, they are comfortable because they have a nose pad that adapts to different nose shapes. The dark gray, the metal color of the frame gives them a sophisticated look – perfect for outdoor activities but also for pool parties.

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