Useful and stylish phone gadgets for a blogger

More and more people are taking up remote work. One of the most frequently undertaken tasks is blogging, especially as it is becoming easier and faster to set up your own website for free. Being a blogger means working around the clock. You need Internet access, a laptop and a phone so you can document your ideas for future posts. If you want to be an influencer, it also means being present on various social media and following trends online; and trends also mean gadgets. Gadgets that will not only increase your efficiency, but also make you stand out from the crowd. So what about phone gadgets for a blogger?

At Sixkros we specialize in finding for you unique men’s gadgets that are stylish but also helpful in your daily work. Stand out and be seen is our motto. Today we have chosen for you phone gadgets, which will be useful for every blogger and social media fan. Not only will they make you always ready to collect content for your online profiles, but they’ll add you style too. Are you ready?
Let’s check our Sixkros phone gadgets for a blogger.

Leather Airpod Case

Stylish Leather Airpod Case is a must-have for every AirPods owner. Not only does it protect your AirPods, but it is also a stylish gadget that you can easily attach to your keys. Thanks to this you will always have your headphones with you. Protect them from scratches and loss. This stylish case is available in two colors, brown and black leather. You never know when you’ll need the AirPods to listen a voice message in a crowd or a new video. It is better to have them always with you.

Selfie Stick iPhone Case

Metal Selfie Stick iPhone Case is a real hit among phone gadgets for bloggers. How many times did you happen to be in a place where you wanted to take a quick and great self, but unfortunately your arm turned out to be too short to cover the whole planned frame? That’s right. Carrying a self-stick to work and all the way out is a joke. Besides, where would you keep it? What if we tell you that you can have a self-stick with you without even noticing it? All you have to do is buy a phone case that can become a self-stick in seconds. Sounds great? That’s what it is. Every day you have a case that protects your phone, and whenever you need it, you can put out your own selfie stick and make a brilliant selfie with a beautiful and wide background behind your back. This is a phone gadget for a blogger who appreciates comfort and loves to take pictures. 2-in-1 gadget, stylish and functional. This is what we like most in Sixkros.

Plastic Universal Phone Pocket Tripod Card

We left the best for the end. You are in town and you quickly need to record some stories on your Instagram or blog. You have nothing to lean on your phone, and holding it in your hand will be awkward. We have a way to do that – Plastic Foldable Phone Holder. Plastic Universal Phone Pocket Tripod Card it’s a very simple, but very useful device. The thickness of the card to the ATM, so it’ll keep it easily in your pocket and wallet. And in a few seconds, you can unfold it and it becomes a convenient phone holder. With this small device, you can record, video chat anywhere, without worrying that your phone will fall off based on something random. Mini holder protects your phone and once you’ve recorded everything, all you have to do is roll it back up and put it between your credit cards. It’s a simple but also brilliant gadget for every social media fan.


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