The most stylish men’s accessories for April

We’ve chosen the most stylish men’s accessories from Sixkros. Check our choices for the upcoming April. You may be surprise.

Leather Bracelet Set

Leather Bracelet Set is our top stylish men accessory for the current season. Such strong details are very much in recent times. Very comfortable to wear. Gives the whole look its initial character and thus your confidence. This set is currently discounted by half! From BHD 15.00 to BHD 7.00, so don’t miss the chance and buy it now.


The Eclipse Watch


The Eclipse Watch is our second as the most stylish men’s accessories. Why? Because it looks very stylish and it is very elegant. At the same time it will fit perfectly to every tracksuit. Have a closer look on how it looks in real life here. We are delighted to see its appearance inspired by nature and eclipse. It is a definite hit of recent months and one of the top-selling products that customers most often ask about. Its appearance perfectly matches the above mentioned set of bracelets, that’s why these are our types for the April look.


Stylish Man


Stylish Man is a must-have set for every real men. That why we’ve put it among the most stylish men’s accessories. You will find there a full package of all cosmetics necessary for your beard and mustache. The secret is not that a great looking beard is the best gadget a man can always have with him. In fact, a well-groomed beard works better on women than the most expensive watch and the best perfume. Trust us. Take care of your beard with the Melao cosmetic line recommended by Team Sixkros. So use them regularly and you’ll see the difference. The Stylish Man set is also an ideal gift for every special guy.

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So, how do you like our choices for April? Share with us your comments.

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