Protect your phone in a stylish way

Most of us have the whole world closed in our mobile phones. Personal photos, messages, notes, a calendar, a bank account access and all kinds of social media apps – everything is there. When it falls, it is the moment when our heart starts to beat faster. Is it broken? Does it work properly? This time you were lucky. However, how many times your phone can fall without a crash? Protect your phone now, so you don’t have to worry anymore. Read about the Sixkros iPhone case. It is one of our cool stuff and a gadget that is both functional and stylish. We love it. So will you.

Firstly, why do you need a phone case?

We put our phones in pockets, bags or on a table. A second later it may be scratched by keys or broken by a cat or a baby who decided to challenge gravity. Although iPhones look and work great, they can be easily damaged by a fall. Consequently, your phone will not look stunning with a few scratches. Once the original case is broken, it is quite expensive to repair it. Think ahead. Protect your iPhone and give it a great and fashionable cover. You may thank yourself later. Trust us.


Why the Sixkros Gradient iPhone case is the best choice

First of all, it is elegant. It does not interfere with the style of your iPhone. It only adds elegance and style to it. What is more, you get the military-grade protective design featuring thin layers of protection in a surprisingly thin case. Slim fit profile is comfortable to hold by hand or in your pocket. It fits all iPhone models starting with 7, 7 plus, through 8 and X, finally also XS Max. It is available in three amazing colours – purple, blue and red. All the colours look excellent and vivid in both natural and internal lighting. Moreover, we offer free shipping to the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Don’t miss the chance.


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Be stylish. Be visible. Take care of your great-looking iPhone. After all, it is the operation centre that needs our special care.

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