Thermal Color Variation Case

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Want to stand out from the crowd? this phone case is an awesome way to show off the wonders of modern science. Why? Because it’s thermo-chromatic! that means this heat sensitive case reacts to warmth of your hand.

Watch solid colors morph into other hues with just a touch of your finger. How? That’s a chemical reaction to the different temperatures coming from your hand or any other body part. Your phone never looks the same. It’s like an infinitely cooler version of photocopying your body parts.

An added bonus – You’ll find out if someone has touched your phone in your absence!! Snoopy boy friends and girl friends, beware!!

Each case is precision-cut and crafted out of high-quality materials so you’ll know your device is in good hands and protected from scratches and dust.

Note : You might receive a full orange colored case, this is due to summer heat inside plastic package.. keep the case in freezer or any cool place for about 2 minutes and start using with your heated fingers

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