Phone Sterilizer and why you should clean your phone regularly

The eyes of the whole world are now turned to the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus epidemic. We must learn to live in a new reality. It now seems extremely important to pay particular attention to personal hygiene and one’s own habits. However, there are facts that have been known for a long time that many of us have not paid attention to before. Facts that especially now seem crucial. Mobile phones are a habitat for bacteria and viruses. Scientific research confirms this. At the same time, we do remember to wash our hands often, but rarely do we remember to clean our phones. We touch the screen hundreds of times a day. We also put the phone in different places. Especially in the current situation, a phone sterilizer seems to be a device that everyone should have both at work and at home.

The third hand you never wash

The health and life of ours and our loved ones is the most important thing. Let’s learn new habits that will protect us from bacteria and viruses. In fact, these are germs that cannot be eliminated from the environment. Therefore, we need to know what to do to minimize the risk of developing bacterial and viral diseases. And now something just for people with strong nerves. Some people might be shocked by this. Mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than toilet handle. Did you expect this? Have you ever thought why you phone gets so dirty? It is because whatever our hands touch, our phone collects. It is transferred and stored on your phone. A phones is like a petri dish. In addition, our pockets and bags are warm, thus, are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. We know, it sounds terrible but we don’t want to scare you. We want to make you realize how important it is that you not only wash your hands properly, but also take care of your phone.

 Phone Sterilizer and why you should have one

Washing your phone frequently with soap and water can damage it. On the other hand, cleaning wipes may be more phone-friendly but they can’t reach all crevices. But there is a way to solve these both problems. 2 in 1 UV Phone Sterilizer Wireless Charging Station is a cool gadget that not only charges your phone but also uses UV light to sterilize your phone at the same time. Through irradiation, the 253.7nm wavelength UV lamp can effectively eliminate 99.9% of the viruses, bacteria, and mold on the mobile phone. It is a small and very comfortable device. Also it is completely safe for your phone. UV Phone Sterilizer doesn’t use water or chemicals – it uses UV light and kills microorganisms that hide in crevices everywhere on your phone.

Keeping your phone clean helps to reduce exposure to bacterias that could weaken your immune system, thus impact your health and. Stay healthy and take care of you and your beloved ones. Wash your hands properly but also remember to sterilizer your phone as often as possible. It is your third hand that touches your faces many times a day. Take care of it and #stayathome during the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus epidemic. We will deliver your order to your home.

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