Nexit – is it better than Google Maps Or Waze?

Wherever you go in a bigger city, you’ll find traffic jams and crowded streets. Travelling is such a chore sometimes. Everyone is going places. Thus, it is hard to imagine a journey without relevant navigation data. However people used to travel without devices and applications, today, we can find a device with GPS in every car. We have two applications that definitely dominate the market – Google Maps, and Waze owned by Google. Google Maps will tell you whether the train is crowded and where to go show you great places to eat. On the other hand, Waze allows everyone to edit a map, so that users can report traffic jams, accidents and speed traps. Here comes a new alternative – Nexit.

What is it Nexit?

Nexit is an intuitive road-trip app that predicts where you’re going. It is a new navigation app, and it has smart features you won’t find in Waze or Google Maps. It promises to show you exits with businesses and amenities that match your needs while driving. In fact, it should tell you when it’s best to stop so you can make the most of your journey while on a drive. Nexit customizes stops so, it delivers the information that makes sense only while you’re driving. You can select multiple criteria at once.

Nexit promises to be the “only all-in-one app for highway travelers” by helping drivers finding exactly what they want, exactly when they need it, on the road they are traveling. –

What is special about Nexit?

Most of navigation apps to show you too many options. Like Google maps – for instance, if you search for “McDonald,” you will see every McDonald location in a broad radius, even the one that’s 30 minutes in the opposite direction from where you’re going. Nexit promises to show you only road-trip-relevant places that you want to or need to visit. Another promising feature is that Nexit displays gas prices along their route so you can easily choose the cheapest one. Sounds incredible, doesn’t?

The designers describe the app as the highway-driving copilot predicts where you’re going and shows you what’s at each exit based on price, distance, or specific features such as pet-friendly or gluten-free. You can search your route by time or distance from where you started or where you’re going so you can plan all your stops in advance.

You can read on the official Nexit site that:

All navigation apps tell you where to drive. Only Nexit tells you where to stop. –

For now, Nexit as like a David among Goliaths but who knows what future will bring. You can give Nexit a try and get it on App Store now or join the Android waitlist (as it will be launched for Android soon). We can’t wait to try it. Have you already tested it? Let us know your thoughts.

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