Magneto Charging Cable – The Revolution in Charging?

I think everybody knows how to charge the phone, doesn’t it? The technology has been used for a very long time. So we put the charger plug into the socket on the phone and that’s it. In fact, we repeat the same activity hundreds time a year. There were manufacturers on the market who decided to modify the whole process a little. Companies started to create a magneto charging cable that quickly has become one of the top phone gadgets in 2020. Do we have a real revolution in charging ahead of us?

What is a magneto charging cable?

Magneto Charging Cable is a modern solution for smartphones. The cable’s design provides the greatest comfort of use and functionality. The product includes two main parts; the first one is the connector, which we install in the device. The second part of the set is the cable itself, terminated on one side with a USB plug and on the other side with a magnetic tip, which, when applied to the plug, connects and starts working.

The Sixkros magneto charging cable fits all devices such as smartphones, tablets. It is compatible with all iOS devices with Lightning Charging Port and all Android Devices with Micro USB and Type-C Charging Port. Very beautiful, flowing EL light informs us that your device is charging, which will bring you the most comfortable visual experience. We love it in both the blue and the green versions! The light will keep on flowing until the cable has been disconnect or the device has been fully charged so, enjoy the moment.

Why is it better than a classic charging cable?

Unlike a classic USB cable, the detachable tip, which you can permanently place in the power socket, will help you avoid damage caused by frequent connection and disconnection. Using the cable in a way that reduces the usage of the socket in the device. To start charging, you just need to bring the end of the cable close to the connector located permanently in the phone’s USB port. The rest of the work will be done for us by magnets. The contacts will automatically position themselves and provide the electrical connection between the charger and the phone. When trying to change the position, the cable will be pushed away from the phone. If you want to interrupt charging, just tilt the cable slightly but, and it is very important, do not pull.

Magneto Charging Cable is a great solution. Its greatest advantage is that you don’t have to charge our USB port on your smartphone by constantly inserting and removing a regular charger plug. It is very convenient to attach the tip to the charge. In fact, it minimizes all these pull-in and pull-out movements of the charger tip. Thus, your charging cable and charging socket on your phone will last longer.

We have a special offer for all our Sixkros fans. 3 in 1 Magneto Charging Cable for only BHD 13.00 is a LED glowing charging cable with 360 degree roundhead tips. We have two color options – the blue one and the green one. The set includes three adapters, so you can use the cable if you own a device with a microUSB port, USB type C, as well as devices with a Lightning port.

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