How to find an ideal power bank?

You are in the middle of nowhere waiting for your next flight. Your phone has 2% of the battery left. All you can do is a one phone call or a quick Facebook scroll; better choose wisely. We’ve all been there. The moment when you desperately pray for the battery saver option to work while your phone’s dying at last few percent and you still have 6+ hours of travel time left. In a world of multiple connecting flights to playing 10 levels of Plants vs Zombies outside the dentist’s office, power banks provide a holistic solution to our ever-increasing dependence on smartphone devices.


Yet when you type into google’s search bar – power banks to buy – having millions of options to choose from can be overwhelming. How does one sift through all these unknown brands and identify the most efficient, convenient and cost-friendly product? Is there such a thing as an ideal power bank?


The main features of an ideal power bank


To answer this, we need to address a precursor question, what are the features that can be expressed by an ideal power bank?


For starters, I expect a product that can be lightweight, portable and compact. Preferably having a similar structure to my phone. Let us take, for instance, the Sixkros 8000mAh Power Bank. Its slim, square edges and blunt corners make it ideal for being packed alongside my phone into narrow spaces such as pockets or purses. Its small size and weight also assure me of saved space for carry-on luggage. (More space for snacks, yaay!)

Moreover, of course, if I’m investing in a power bank, it should have a decent mAh capacity. 6000MAh and above is perfect for charging a 2800mAh phone twice!


Why multiple charging ports are important


Multi-device support and multiple charging ports is another essential feature not to be compromised on. The Sixkros Power Pods not only have support for Android type C and iPhone Micro B type, but it also has two more inputs for connecting two more devices via external USB cables. Also, its multi-device support cable retracts into a designated spot, ensuring durability by protecting its cable and USB ports, which brings me to my next important point.


A long-lasting power bank is dependent on the quality of materials that go into making the power bank and how you take care of it in day to day life. Weather conditions like humidity and heat are known to be detrimental to a power bank’s lifespan. So the portable nature of a power bank makes it more susceptible to daily wear and tear. An optimum mix of hard plastic and aluminium alloy can provide the ultimate protective shield against weather phenomena and everyday wear and tear. Its also an absolute delight to be provided with a personal pouch to carry the power bank in, as added protection and convenience.


Never compromise on style


Lastly, who wouldn’t want a power bank that does all of the above and also looks good? Sleek, solid color designs coupled with digital digits that indicate the percentage of power left are prime choices in today’s fashion under minimalist styles.


Hence, we can conclude our article with our original question but with a twist. For a decent deal of fewer than 50 dollars, how many ideal power banks have you yet come across?


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