Electric Lighter vs. Normal Lighter – main differences

It doesn’t matter if you smoke cigarettes or not. A lighter is one of the most useful gadgets. Indeed, you may need it at the least expected moment (e.g. when you have to burn a tear string or light a barbecue at a friend’s house for dinner). Recently, an electric lighter has become very popular. You may have heard about “Electric Lighter”, “Electronic Plasma Lighter” or “Electric Arc Lighter”. All are synonyms for a plasma beam lighter. It uses electrodes, either single or dual arc to emit plasma beams. It has many advantages over conventional fuel lighters. How does it differ from a normal lighter? We have summed up the main differences for you. Read our post, and we bet you will never buy a classic lighter again, trust us.

Electric Lighter is safer! 

Normal butane lighters are actually filled with flammable gas. The whole thing can burst or spill at any time and then lead to an unfortunate accident or even a major fire. This should never have happened with a plasma lighter. In fact, plasma lighters don’t contain any flammable gas. In addition, most of them also have safety features which prevent an electric arc to form if the lid is closed. A regular lighter creates a big flame that can be extremely hazardous. So anything near it, including your hair or clothes, can immediately catch fire. This will never happen with a plasma lighter. No fire, no problem.

Electric Lighter is more comfortable to use.

A plasma lighter is flameless. Thus, it uses a plasma arc for lighting up a cigarette or just about anything else. An arc lighter can be extremely handy if the weather is not exactly friendly. Why? Because it is windproof! All you have to do is to press a button that sparks an initial plasma beam. Then a lower voltage maintains the beam. No more uncomfortable lighting by wiping your finger. Plasma lighters are easy to recharge because they are battery-powered. You have the USB charging ports, and you can recharge it anytime unlike normal lighters which require the special fluid.

The electric lighter is the must-have gadgets for every modern gentleman. You may need it when you least expect it. Always be ready.

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