Beard Care Tips: How to Maintain an Awesome-Looking Beard

So you’ve grown a beard. Women compliment it, men are impressed. You’re proud of yourself.  But it’s not over. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Time to get serious, men. Time to learn some beard care tips to maintain your achievement and make it even greater every day.

A well-tended and well-groomed beard hasn’t gone out of fashion for several seasons. People love this style of lumberjack-ish men who take care of their facial hair, clothes and body in general. A truly epic beard is the product of self-restraint. Also, there are no results without hard work. Now you have to learn the fundamentals of washing, combing, brushing, styling your beard, and even more. The following beard care tips post is a complete guide to how to maintain a beard so it will be a source of pride and confidence. Your life can change a lot after reading this post. Are you ready? Beard on, friends!

Wash your beard regularly

Like, we meant it. You surely have food crumbs in your beard more than once, and, in addition, if you work in an occupation in which dirt and grime get into your beard daily then washing your beard regularly is a must (unless you want to scare people). It’s not just about the hair, but also the skin underneath. Beard care tip no. 1 – don’t wash your beard everyday. It will dry it out. 2-3 times a week should be enough but it all depends on your body chemistry. Also, don’t use regular shampoo. Facial hair has a different structure when compared to the rest of your hair. Organic Beard Wash Shampoo and Conditioner gently cleans and eliminates bacteria from the beard without damaging your hair or skin. Its hydrating formula nourishes the beard while soothing the skin to help prevent rashes and irritations.

To apply beard wash, just put a small amount in your hand and rub it directly into your wet beard in the shower. After washing the beard, apply a little conditioner and hold it on the beard for a few minutes, then rinse it out just before you finish shower. Both the shampoo and conditioner should be natural and free of chemicals such as parabens that may dry and irritate the skin. Your beard is washed and clean? Great, but you can’t leave it like that. It’s time to move on.

Wait! The important thing: don’t forget your mustache!
Everything we write about here also applies to your moustache. Wash them and follow the next steps described here.

Your new daily routine – beard oil and how to apply it

Say hello to your two new beard friends – beard oil and beard balm. Use it to care for your beard throughout the day. You need it to balance hydration naturally and the natural oils in your beard and on your skin. Perfect beard oil can’t be too heavy, too shiny, too dry. It also shouldn’t contain any silicones, sulfates, or parabens because they mask dry hair and split ends. One of our tried-and-true favorites is Organic Beard Oil from Melao Bergamot formulated with a blend of natural, organic oils such as rape seed oil and argan oil.

How to apply beard oil properly? Take a few drops, depends on the length and size of your beard. Apply oil once a day right after you finish your warm shower and dry your beard with a towel. Warm shower – the key words here. Warm shower opens up your pores and hair cells. It allows the oil to be absorbed more effectively. You can also use a 1-2 drops before you go out. Your beard will be soft, styled and smell good.


Beard balm – a new thingy worth trying

You can call it beard butter, beard cream, or beard wax but it is all the same – beard balm. Just like beard oil, beard balm can be used for everyday care, both for conditioning and for styling. Both beard oil and beard balm work in a very similar way, so we think it’s best to choose one and for the best results, use one chosen thing for a longer time. If you’re not satisfied with the effects, switch from oil to balm or vice versa. The only possible difference among these to is that balm has a heavier texture. Some will like it, others won’t. Try it yourself and see what works better for you.

Beard balm is used in a similar way to beard oil. Apply a small amount (start by rubbing it between your hands until it dissolves), and spread the whole thing on the beard and on the skin after it is slightly dry just after a warm shower. Your beard will be moisturized to make it look elegant and healthy. One more practical beard care tip when it comes to beard balm and all kinds of oils: always start by applying less. It is better to add more if needed than being forced to wash your beard again because it’s greasy.


Stand out and be seen – it’s time for styling!

Most people think that styling a beard is an exhausting and time consuming process. Nothing could be further from the truth! Your beard has come a long way. Styling is a finish that won’t take you more than a few minutes to get to grips with. Practice it 2-3 times in front of the mirror, and you won’t even know when all these moves will come into your habit.

First, use a comb. It will help you to spread products such as oil or balm through your beard evenly and effectively so each of your beard’s hairs gets coated with your favorite product. Buy a comb that will have both wide and narrow teeth arrangements. The narrow ones should be used for your mustache while the wide ones for your beard. As well as helping to distribute the product, the main task is to separate the hair so that it doesn’t puff. Use a relaxed grip and maintain the necessary amount of control while you’re combing. Comb out the beard with an upward motion. Do it gently but consciously. We offer you a stylish handmade wooden beard comb that comes with the Beard Grooming Kit from Melao. It doesn’t only look cool and like a nice gadgets but it is also essential to keep your beard shape.

Real-master equipment

Another useful gadgets are a beard brush and beard scissors – both available in our Beard Grooming Kit from Melao. We love this specific brush because it is made of 100% natural bristles and it has a natural bamboo handle. You may ask: why do I need a brush if I have a comb already? Good question. The answer is – the best is to have both. Brush helps to improve hair texture and it massages the scalp. Daily brushing helps to soften facial hair and it adds volume. Just make a little bit of massage it in the morning, then shape your beard with a comb and put the final touch with beard oil or beard balm mentioned above.

One last thing. Something for the bravest (and those who want to save money and not to visit the barber too often) – your own scissors for for trimming and shaping your beard up.We know that at first sight it can seem terrible to use the scissors on your own around your face. Don’t worry. Experiment with the beard shape. This is hair. It will grow back faster than you think. Scissors will help you find the shape that suits you best. Use them also to cut off split ends (the moment you see a lighter point at the end of your hair, behind which the hair is split into two parts). Nothing, but split ends look very unsightly in the long run.

Time to practice!

Uh, we are done with our beard care tips. It all just looks complicated, but it’s like a gym. Practice, the effects will come with time. Also with time, all these activities will get into your habit and take up very little time. Believe us, the effects (a source of your pride, and the envy of many) are worth it. And most importantly, a neat, healthy and styled beard will make you feel more confident and that you will simply feel better.

We hope you’ve learned some useful information today. We wish you a beard that is nice and ready for eating, drinking, and… kissing. With beard care tips, the right products and the right techniques for using them, we believe that you will find your way in the bearded world. Check our Beard Care Bundles such as Stylish Men set with all the necessary cosmetics that you need for your beard.

And Beard Grooming Kit with a beard oil and balm and extra comb, scissors and brush for the best possible grooming and styling.

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