6G phones, foldable screens, unbelievable megapixel count – the future is (almost) now!

We have just started 2020. We entered the ’20s of the 21st century. Yeah, we can’t figure out either how time is going so fast. Do you remember the time when cell phones were brick size? Or when the Internet was only in certain places and for a certain time? The technology has gone incredibly far. Extraordinary things are happening before our eyes, and and with each passing year it seems that the limits of the impossible are pushed further and further. What’s ahead of us? 6G phones, foldable screens, unbelievable megapixel count – there are our types. These are just our assumptions based on current trends. If you’re reading this in 2030 and the fate of the world has turned out differently… well, sorry, don’t blame us. Leave us a comment, we’d be happy to return to this article in retirement and together we’ll laugh at how young (and perhaps naive) we were when writing these words.

6G phones

We don’t just sell cool gadgets on sixkros.com. We keep a close eye on the technology market. Technology is our passion. We keep track of trends and have no doubts… the future and the coming years belong to 6G phones. We know. It’s a very brave prophecy. 4G has just made its mark in the world of technology, and 5G networks are just starting to appear. Still not many people are able to take full advantage of he high-speed connection but it is just the matter of time. We all need faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones that allow us to stay online no matter where we are.

Foldable phones

Not only 6G phones, but also foldable phones will take over the market. It’s already happening. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has entered the public eye. Although some people name it just a gimmicks, we will watch with curiosity how the interest in such technology will develop. This model of phone is still relatively expensive. Another problem is the software, which is still not fully developed. But again… it is the matter of time. If the idea of foldable phones is accepted, more models will appear. The prices of this gadget will fall, and thanks to that more people will be able to afford it. Time will show and verify how users will evaluate this innovative idea.

Unbelievable megapixel count

Hardly anyone remembers the times when cell phones were only used for ringing. For a long time now, they have been equipped with ever better cameras, making them a professional photography tool. Slowly we get to the point where adding more lenses is no longer important – megapixel count is what’s starting to matter. The highest resolution in a smartphone, in 2019, was 108MP in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. Perfect, healthy, full of strength and acting to the maximum of its abilities, the human eye sees something about 576MP. Almost none of us have such eyes, especially if we spend hours in front of phone and computer screens. Will companies ever be able to build cameras that achieve the magical 576MP? We don’t think the question is if they’ll be able to, but when they do it.

So, 6G phones, foldable screens or unbelievable megapixel count – which of our assumptions do you agree with? What are your types for the technological trends of the next decade? Let us know.

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