3 Top Productivity Apps for iOS

We all know iPhone are great. The truth is they are nothing without apps. Applications make them powerful tools that can truly change our lives. Today, there are more than 2.2 million apps in the Apple Store. There is a wide selection of Productivity apps as well. It’s getting harder and harder to find and catch on, not to mention finding proven and recommended applications. We have decided to collect top productivity apps for iPhone, the ones we use both in life and at work. So we did the list for you to provide you with an all-in-one resource for you. We hope it will help you to save time, manage resources, and get more done every day. Improving your overall productivity is the best you can do for yourself and you well-being.



This is not a new application, but certainly one of the best in terms of organizing many duties. The interface is not very user-friendly at first. It takes some time to familiarize yourself with the operation of the application, but once familiarized and mastered, it allows you to master the excess of duties and tasks to be performed in an incredibly effective way. Do you know the rule „Getting Things Done” Davida Allena? It is a rule that allows you to organize your daily routine, cleanse your mind and become more effective. The assumptions of this method are very interesting and prove to be successful for many people. OmniFocus also supports GTD – the manufacturer even offers the document „OmniFocus, GTD and you”. It explains the Getting Things Done methodology based on OmniFocus. Definitely worth checking.

OmniFocus is not a cheap application. But here you definitely pay for quality, which is guaranteed (and we say this with full awareness and responsibility). Before you decide to buy, you can use the free trial version. Try to see if the task saving system offered by this application actually helps you to organize your daily affairs.



Asana is used to organize teamwork, plan, delegate, and track the progress of projects and tasks. This application is more for teams than for individuals. It allows you to plan complex tasks and break them down into individual actions. An interesting fact – companies using Asana include Nasa, Uber, Dropbox, Tesla and Autodesk. The basic version of the application itself is free of charge. Also, the registration is quick – you go to asana.com, enter your e-mail address in the window and you are practically ready.

Of all the free versions for productivity enhancing applications, Asana has probably the most possibilities. Asana is a very reliable, aesthetic and intuitive task and project management application. So if you want to try a task management application in a small team of a couple and are looking for an iOS application that will increase the efficiency of the whole team, Asana will do great. It is definitely one of our favorites among top productivity apps for iOS.



Todoist is a very powerful application for managing tasks to be performed and time management. Todoist gives a clear view of the things we’re doing. It helps you to control your responsibilities and not forget anything important. The main application window presents a list of tasks to be performed. The expandable side panel allows to browse the inbox. It contains all notifications from the application, the list of tasks for the day, projects, labels and filters. Each of the tasks can have its own schedule, execution date, priority, as well as nesting level and sub-tasks. The application is very intuitive and easy to use. It has its limitations, but is ideal for delegating tasks with a deadline both for yourself and your team. Besides, it has a very nice and uncomplicated layout, which will certainly please the eye of the greatest aesthetes.

The applications we have selected are, in our opinion, top productivity apps available for iOS. We realize that there are no ideals, but these three choices are definitely close to an ideal that will help you manage your responsibilities.

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